Positively Real Podcast

Podcast Management and Operations Support including:

  • Detailed editing
  • Show notes
  • Social media graphics & teasers
  • Scheduling to hosting platform & uploaded to website
  • Podcast page design
  • Landing page design
  • General support


“As a solopreneur, finances can be tight, but so is time, so it was a no brainer to hire someone to help. That someone couldn’t just be anybody. It needed to be someone creative, attention to detail, a go-getter, and an ‘everything is figureoutable’ type of person which is exactly what Katie is. She is great at communicating, always meets deadlines and goes above and beyond! Katie takes on other projects because she knows it will help you and your brand. She is an asset to any team. I know it can be scary letting go of control, but what Katie does is save you time and energy, which ultimately allows you to make more money doing what you love to do!” – Brittny King