Merhipsy Healing
Merhipsy Case Study

Podcast Management and Operations Support including:

  • Detailed editing
  • Show notes
  • Social media graphics & teasers
  • Scheduling to hosting platform & uploaded to website
  • Guest management
  • Podcast page design
  • Landing page design
  • General support
  • Shopify support
  • Customer service

“Hiring Katie is the single best decision I’ve made as a business owner. Above investing in coaches, creating products, or adding to my services and offerings, bringing Katie on board has enabled me to expand what I’m capable of accomplishing as a one-woman operation so I could begin to scale my impact and income to new heights that were previously out of reach to me. I went from being overworked, stressed out, and short-handed, to a more balanced, healthy, and happy business owner thanks to Katie’s support. She always meets commitments and deadlines, exceeds my expectations, and foresees my needs before they even arise. Not only is she competent, intuitive, organized, talented, expeditious, and professional, but she is kind, compassionate, patient, and grounding. She wraps bad news in humor and good news in pretty bows to celebrate your accomplishments so even the hard days are easier. She is the best there is, indisputably.” – Zoey Greco