Book in a Podcast Power Hour

Know you’ve got a fantastic concept but concerned not the confidence or free time to ensure you have everything in place to make a success of it? Making your voice heard in the cacophony of podcasts out there can be difficult, if you don’t have the support of an expert that is. Let me put the meat on the bones of your idea and help you bring it to market. I’m well-versed in supporting podcasts to get off the ground in a structured way, which gives you the best chance of producing a chart-topping podcast hit.

The first stop is an initial 60-minute call to go through your podcast with a fine tooth comb and put a podcast launch blueprint in place. From this, I will really get to grips with your proposal and draft a comprehensive summary of the call, alongside a full strategic action plan. I’ll create everything you need for a successful launch, including a checklist, podcast tools and resources recommendations, initial episode spreadsheet and an email template for acquiring guests.

Chatting through your podcast idea can empower you with the toolkit for a successful launch. I am always here to listen in more ways than one, so don’t hesitate in getting in touch today.


  • Summary of call with strategic action plan
  • Podcast Launch Checklist
  • My Favorite Podcast Tools & Resources
  • Google Drive Episode Spreadsheet
  • Email Template for Acquiring Guests