Lighten the load by outsourcing with Podcast Management Services

You’re bringing the incredible content, let me handle everything else. The sound quality and flow of a podcast can either elevate your content against the competition or unfairly diminish the final product. As a podcast management expert, I will edit up to five podcast episodes per month, helping create perfectly-pitched installments through noise reduction, removing long pauses and false starts, and cross fading.

My Podcast Management Service is about more than just post production. I will meticulously craft show notes for as many as five episodes per month and upload them to your website, as well as make the episodes available by uploading them to your podcast host platform. I’ll provide insight into the success of your podcast through a monthly analytics report and help you understand how your podcasts are being consumed.

Allow me to take out the stress out of podcasting by managing the tasks that can quickly eat up your free time, which could be spent crafting great listening content and driving your business forward.


  • Up to (5) podcast episodes edited per month to include intro/outro
  • Noise reduction, removal of long pauses and false starts, crossfading
  • Episodes uploaded and scheduled to Libsyn or other podcasting host platform
  • Show notes written for up to (5) episodes per month
  • Social Media Graphics/Audiograms created from template per episode
  • Scheduling posts to social channels
  • Episodes and show notes added to website
  • Monthly analytics report