About Katie J VA, Podcast Manager
About Katie J VA

Established in 2018, Katie J VA is a virtual support organization providing operational, admin, and tech support to business leaders and digital content creators. I enable coaches and creatives to focus on growing and improving their services by outsourcing time-consuming, digital marketing tasks, including web design and podcast management . My priority is offering business owners the opportunity to free up their time through a professional outsourcing service they can rely on.

Katie’s journey to a trusted Podcast Manager & Producer

I have spent a lot of my career as a one woman support team for a professional athlete, which gave me the solid foundation of organizational skills of managing a busy schedule efficiently and while on the move. Although being something I wouldn’t change for the world, I craved a business of my own harnessing the portfolio of expertise this experience, and past opportunities, had given me.

As a seasoned expat, I wanted something that I could do from anywhere around the world and support businesses with their long term goals. As a podcast junkie, I saw the opportunity to help digital creatives with the time-sapping production and back office tasks; giving them the professional backbone needed to grow their business.

A little more about Katie

Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, I now split my time between Arizona and Europe. Well-traveled, I have lived in three countries outside the U.S. but my true home is wherever the Wi-Fi is. When I’m not busy running businesses behind the scenes, you’ll find me getting out in the open air either on a long hike or run. I love cooking up a storm in the kitchen, while enjoying a glass of wine, of course! Given the chance, I enjoy supporting friends and family in both their personal and professional endeavors and when time allows, exploring every corner of the globe on my travels.